- Love what you do -

Working from my home studio I produce original hand painted artwork.


Currently based in the heart of Devon, England my small studio is where I create most of my work. I have a passion for minimal, contemporary art. Working in inks, acrylics, digital and mixed media my diverse style spans many subjects. I also produce black and white photography.

Inspired to draw at an early age by my Grandfather, I have always loved to create art and experiment with paint and pencil. Living in Devon, with my wife and two children, close to some amazing scenery and coastal landscapes, I always find inspiration.

I use acrylic paints and inks and anything else I can find that makes a vivid, visual statement. I like to explore with different surfaces and mediums so my work is always evolving. I've worked as a graphic designer for the past 19 years.

Abstract art for me is a real passion as it allows me to break the rules of traditional painting and combine whatever I feel necessary to produce work that makes people stop and gaze.