A collection of photos and links showing my sketches and work in progress. I like to explore different styles and experiment with different materials and mediums.    

New style I'm working on for abstract landscapes. Kind of a traditional style with a modern edge. Acrylics on heavy paper. Part of a series.

Abstract landscape work. Acrylics and ink.

An experiment with some ink and white acrylics.

Abstract landscape with layered paper and pencil. Textured acrylics.

Layered Abstract work. Large scale prints soon to be available.

Experimental Abstract work. Acrylics and inks.

I will be adding new artworks in progress and some of my inspirations and ideas each month so check back soon. Feel free to contact me for commission or questions.

An impressionist beach painting. Acrylics.

Another piece from my traditional/modern landscape style.

A large abstract print used in a house staging project in London. Most of my work can be printed pretty large.

Textured acrylics on paper. Landscape.

Subtle abstract landscape. Large scale prints soon to be available.

Art licensing enquiries welcomed